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“MyFolio’s range and breadth allows advisers to choose the fund most appropriate for their clients’ needs.”
Bambos Hambi Head of Multi-Manager Strategies
What is MyFolio
What is MyFolio?

MyFolio consists of 25 multi-asset, fund-of-funds, split into five ranges and five risk levels (from lower risk through to higher risk). These are:

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What does MyFolio invest in
What does MyFolio invest in?

Each MyFolio fund invests in a mix of defensive and growth asset classes. Defensive assets include cash, government bonds, corporate and global index linked bonds. Meanwhile, growth assets encompass equities, high yield bonds, emerging market debt and real estate. We also invest in absolute return funds (in the Managed and Multi-Manager ranges) to provide further diversification benefits.

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Why choose MyFolio
Why choose MyFolio?

  • A cost-effective outsourced solution that allows you to focus on supporting your client’s investment objectives
  • A range of options to explore your client’s risk profile and preferred investment style
  • Long-term performance for each MyFolio fund corresponding to the level of risk taken
  • Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing gives peace of mind that your client’s risk and return objectives are being met
  • Comprehensive adviser support, including monthly performance updates, webcasts and fund reports

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MyFolio Lookthrough Tool
MyFolio Lookthrough Tool

The MyFolio Lookthrough Tool has been designed to enable you to access performance, the latest fund updates and commentary quickly and easily, with options for flexible fund charting and creating customised client reports.

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MyFolio Lookthrough Tool

MyFolio Lookthrough Tool

Delivering for clients

How the MyFolio fund of funds range can deliver for clients.

Managing the MyFolio funds

How are the MyFolio funds managed by the team.

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