MyFolio Market

The five MyFolio Market funds are actively managed portfolios mainly investing in passive funds.

The Latest Fund Report provides fund facts, performance, asset allocation, holdings and commentary for the past 12 months for each individual fund and shareclass variant. The Monthly Range Bulletin provides fast facts and figures at range level, and the Quarterly Range Report contain commentary, performance figures and holdings at range level, updated on a quarterly basis.

Report by Range

Monthly Range Report Bulletins Quarterly Range Reports
Institutional Acc KRC7_en-GB_MRB_MRB.pdfKRC7_en-GB_QRR_QRR.pdf
Platform 1 Acc 10EU_en-GB_MRB_MRB.pdf10EU_en-GB_QRR_QRR.pdf
Retail Acc KRC6_en-GB_MRB_MRB.pdfKRC6_en-GB_QRR_QRR.pdf

Report by Fund

Institutional Acc
Market IKRC7_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIKRC9_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIIKRD1_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IVKRD3_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market VKRD5_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Platform 1 Acc
Market I10EU_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market II10EV_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market III10EW_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IV10EX_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market V10EY_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Retail Acc
Market IKRC6_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIKRC8_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIIKRD0_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IVKRD2_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market VKRD4_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf

Factsheets by Fund

Market IO_MFM_I.pdf
Market IIO_MFM_II.pdf
Market IIIO_MFM_III.pdf
Market IVO_MFM_IV.pdf
Market VO_MFM_V.pdf