MyFolio Multi-Manager

The five MyFolio Multi-Manager funds invest in best-of-breed fund managers from across the whole of the market.

The MyFolio funds are a family of 25 carefully constructed risk-based portfolios, which offer your clients a choice of active and passive investment strategies across five risk levels and five investment styles. Whatever your investment philosophy, you decide on the most suitable risk profile and investment style for your client and select the appropriate MyFolio funds - we will then take care of the ongoing rebalancing and monitoring.

Report by Range

Monthly Range Report Bulletins Quarterly Range Reports
Institutional Acc KRI1_en-GB_MRB_MRB.pdfKRI1_en-GB_QRR_QRR.pdf
Platform 1 Acc 10F4_en-GB_MRB_MRB.pdf10F4_en-GB_QRR_QRR.pdf
Retail Acc KRI0_en-GB_MRB_MRB.pdfKRI0_en-GB_QRR_QRR.pdf

Report by Fund

Institutional Acc
Market IKRI1_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIKRI3_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIIKRI5_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IVKRI7_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market VKRI9_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Platform 1 Acc
Market I10F4_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market II10F5_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market III10F6_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IV10F7_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market V10F8_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Retail Acc
Market IKRI0_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIKRI2_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IIIKRI4_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market IVKRI6_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf
Market VKRI8_en-GB_LFR_LatestFundReport.pdf

Factsheets by Fund

Market IO_MFMM_I.pdf
Market IIO_MFMM_II.pdf
Market IIIO_MFMM_III.pdf
Market IVO_MFMM_IV.pdf
Market VO_MFMM_V.pdf